Silver Eagle News

  • The Wildman of the Florida Everglades, Dusty Crum

    Recently we were thrilled and honored to have Dusty and his reality TV crew in our gallery to film an upcoming episode for his new show!  We are also proud to represent his beautiful python products in our gallery as conservation pieces and local Florida eco-cycling.
  • Protect Yourself from Unwanted Energies with Crystals

    Lately, one of the questions we get most from our customers at Silver Eagle is, "What crystal can help protect me from negative energy or bad vibes?". Many stones and crystals are protective, but there are five that stand out. Black tourmaline, Jet, Black Obsidian, Selenite, and Pyrite.
  • Larimar the Rare Caribbean Cool Blue

    There is one stone that brings the colors of the Caribbean Sea to life more than any other, Larimar. It is almost as if you were looking directly down into the sea and seeing reflections within the water as sunlight dappled and dripped across the top. Larimar carries with it a cool blue vibe that is absolutely perfect for summertime and is often a stunning stone to behold in jewelry