The Wildman of the Florida Everglades, Dusty Crum

 The Florida Everglades, like all ecosystems, is unique and fragile. Non-native invasive species can upset that delicate balance and cause destruction and even extinction for those native species who call the Florida Everglades home. In recent decades pythons have become a very serious problem in the Everglades and now even in northern Florida. Dusty Crum is on a mission to help bring about balance one python at a time, and he does it barefoot! Reality TV show Guardians of the Glades has brought attention to the problem that pythons are posing to the natural ecosystem of Florida, and python hunters are quickly becoming the Everglades heroes.  

The Burmese Python and Indian Python are natives of Southern and Southeast Asia, so how did they arrive in the Everglades? Between 1996 and 2000 it was estimated that over 90,000 pythons were imported into the USA as part of the exotic pet trade. Pythons can grow up to 23 feet and weigh over 200 pounds, outliving that exotic pet attraction rather quickly. Often they are illegally released into the wild and into non-native habitats where they are not natural prey for other larger animals, eventually reproducing at alarming rates. In 1992 Hurricane Andrew destroyed a python reproduction facility and a zoo in South Florida, allowing these pythons to escape out into the Florida Everglades. 

Recently we were thrilled and honored to have Dusty and his reality TV crew in our gallery to film an upcoming episode for his new show!  We are also proud to represent his beautiful python products in our gallery as conservation pieces and local Florida eco-cycling. Through gorgeous jewelry, wallets, purses, boots, shoes, all made in the USA, Dusty and Silver Eagle Gallery are able to offer a unique part of the Florida Everglades experience while helping to raise awareness for our ecosystem.

By purchasing invasive python products you are helping to continue the effort of preserving the Florida Everglades for future generations!