About Us

Since 1974, Silver Eagle has specialized in authentic Native American sterling silver jewelry from the American Southwest. Owners, Craig and Deborah Nelson were both deeply connected to Native American art, culture, history, and spirituality. They wanted to present the work of these talented artists in a way that avoided clichés and stereotypical thinking. Over the past 46 years, relationships with over 200 talented Native American jewelry artists from over 20 tribes developed resulting in a large and impressive collection of Native American art and Native American jewelry.

Craig and Deborah have extensive buying and selling experience spanning 46 years and have become experts in identifying the very best silversmithing techniques, turquoise quality, pricing, and styling of handcrafted jewelry. "Our customers have a great deal of confidence in our ability to find the very best Native American Jewelry and they trust our fair pricing methods," commented Deborah. Silver Eagle Gallery is truly a family business. Son, Benjamin, and daughter, Heather, manage the retail stores and assist in every part of the business. The Nelson family is proud of their reputation for honesty and fairness.

Silver Eagle Gallery is dedicated to presenting an authentic American art form. The rugged spirit of the Native Americans is part of our cultural history. Turquoise jewelry is ageless… timeless. Through the years, the Native Americans have experimented with even greater variations in design. The fine craftsmanship of their jewelry is recognized worldwide. It is on trend and yet rooted in tradition.

A few years ago, we added contemporary sterling silver jewelry from top non-Native American silversmiths to the collection as well a large inventory of gems, minerals and crystals. These new items offer a kaleidoscope of color with vibrant stones such as Amethyst, Garnet, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Peridot, Onyx, Malachite, Emerald, Ruby and many others.

If you are near Highlands, NC or Naples, FL please visit our retail showrooms and meet our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff.