Expert Aura & Chakra Readings in Naples, FL

Join us at Silver Eagle Gallery in Naples, FL June 1st and 2nd for a 2 day Aura and Chakra Reading Event! Jim Levinson & Laura McCann, seasoned energy practitioners with a wealth of experience in Aura readings and Chakra balancing, will provide you with unique insights into your Chakra and Aura health. 

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing with Auratherapy, a  comprehensive guide to unlocking the radiant energy within you.   Auratherapy uses  diagnostic software that focuses on visualizing your aura and chakras to show the opportunities you have for emotional and physical healing. The word “auratherapy” is derived from the Latin words “aura” (light) and “therapia” (healing).

Auratherapy brings together technology and intuition to provide each client with expert Aura readings. Gain insights into your aura personality and chakra health.
Our experts will suggest healing practices you can use to regain balance using breath, crystals, reiki & aromatherapy.

Here is what is included in each Reading:

* A detailed 14-Page Report and personalized reading of your Aura photo.

* Full printed color photo of you and your Aura showing the radiance of your energy field.

* Explanation of your main Aura color, which reflects your personality type and characteristics.

* Detailed review of your chakra graphBio-Data analysis including your ying-yang or male-female energy balance, aura size, energy level and more.