Protect Yourself from Unwanted Energies with Crystals

Lately, one of the questions we get most from our customers at Silver Eagle Gallery is, "What crystal can help protect me from negative energy or bad vibes?." Some share that they are experiencing a toxic work environment, or feeling negative energy in their home space or when they are out socially. Others feel they are being projected upon, are around energy vampires, or are the direct recipient of ill-wishing. In our gallery, we always encourage people to choose the stones that they most resonate with. We have five stones that we like to offer. In no particular order, they are black tourmaline, jet, black obsidian, selenite, and pyrite.

Black tourmaline can neutralize negative energy and purify it. It helps transmute negative thought patterns into positive ones, diminishes fear and feelings of victimization, blocks curses and psychic attacks. You can place it around your space or place it near the entrance of your home or office.  As an added benefit, black tourmaline can help shield you from EMFs from you computer, so it is doing double duty in your work space.

Jet, which is actually fossilized wood, is a wonderful stone that can protect us from unwanted energies, even our own! When we are in negative mood states, as the old saying goes, "like attracts like", we can draw these unwanted energies on to ourselves. Jet can also assist with alleviating grief, depression, and unreasonable fears. The Romans believed jet to be very protective, especially for deflecting the "evil eye".

Black obsidian is not actually a crystal, but a volcanic glass. It can help shield against negativity, absorb negative energies from the environment, and block psychic attacks, too. Black obsidian is quite powerful and can work quickly. Some crystal practitioners recommend using it for a certain task and then setting it aside (We leave this up to the individual to determine for themselves). That being said, the way I like to work with it is to use one of the obsidian arrowheads we carry and perform a cord cutting ritual. I take the arrowhead in hand and imagine that I'm cutting through unwanted energetic cords in my auric field. After I feel complete, I reach for a selenite wand, and holding it about 4" away from my body, I comb through my auric field. It feels very calming and protective. Selenite is an energetic cleanser, it dissolves negative attachments and moods, and encourages a soothing atmosphere. Like black tourmaline, it can be used in a grid to protect your space. It can also cleanse and charge your other crystals. Our selenite lamps are a wonderful way to have selenite in your environment while providing a soft glow.

Finally, we come to pyrite. it is a supremely protective stone and can shield you from negative energies and emotions, a toxic environment, and someone's ill will directed towards you. Pyrite is also known as "fool's gold" and can help us recognize what is false or unreal in our lives and see the truth of the matter. If someone is trying to manipulate or deceive you, pyrite can shine the light. It's reflective mirror like quality can also reflect back to you if you have been deceiving yourself about something! Pyrite is a heavy stone, therefore grounding, yet shines like the sun assisting you to take action.

I hope you found this information useful. Please stop by and say hello and pick up a stone or two!