Calming Blue Crystals and Gems

Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, and Turquoise are a few of the Earth's most beautiful blue crystals and gems that exist. Blue gems and crystals are believed to help with intuition, inspiration, sincerity, peace, joy, tranquility, and faith in oneself. Many blue gems also help with bringing in mental focus to stimulate the third eye and throat chakras. When we find these chakras blocked, it can result in headaches and tension. These soothing gems are also found in modern fashion, specifically jewelry. Adding an ocean blue stone such as Larimar, will brighten up anyone’s wardrobe.

Blue gems are broken down into light and dark crystals. Light crystals include stones such as Aquamarine, Blue Quartz, and Blue Agates. These stones help with our creativity and communication with others. Dark blue gems such as Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite help improve communication within ourselves. There are also complex blue stones such as Turquoise and Chrysocolla that are considered protective. The color blue is the #1 favorite color in every country all over the planet. Soothing blue colors are important in fashion, interior design, spirituality and  throughout every aspect of life. Add this calming color to your surroundings and feel the benefits. Check out our website and our retail stores on 5th Avenue South, Naples, FL or Main Street in Highlands, NC.