Leather Goes Primal

In these days, when everything seems to be synthetic and made in China, a trend has emerged that connects us with nature and American craftsmanship. We discovered a very talented leather designer and artist who learned his trade as a boy from his father and grandfather in New York City. Today, the Fred Kinigsberg family makes top quality leather products from exotic leathers in their Florida studio. Each piece is completely handmade from crocodile, ostrich, python and alligator hides. Primal styles in clothing, textiles, home décor and accessories tie into the desire to be natural… to simplify… and to be genuine. Native Americans and indigenous people of the world have always used animal skins in every part of their lives. Perhaps that is why we are so drawn to the feel, the colors, and the natural patterns of leather. We have added this small collection for men and women. We have only one of each item. If you see it and love it, don’t wait to order or you’ll miss out on quality, handmade American leather designs.