Zuni Sunface Bolo Tie

This Zuni Sunface Bolo Tie is a classic representation of Western accessories.  Zuni artist Delwin Gasper creates fine mosaic inlay in sterling silver. Mosaic inlay, also known as stone to stone inlay, requires the most precise craftsmanship of all forms of inlay. This meticulous medallion features gold-lipped Mother of Pearl, Mediterranean Red Coral, Jet, and Turquoise with meticulous perfection. The medallion is inlaid with the Zuni Sunface design. To the Zuni, the ancient Sunface symbol represents prosperity, happiness, peace, hope, optimism, and positive energy. This fabulous look is on trend and yet still traditional.  The medallion can slide up and down the braided leather cord to tighten or loosen the tie. The ends of the cords are embellished with decorative sterling silver to complete the look.