White Buffalo Teardrop Pendant

This beautiful White Buffalo Turquoise Teardrop Pendant was made in New Mexico by Navajo artist, Terry Wood. White Buffalo Stone, commonly called White Buffalo Turquoise, is from a single mine near Tonopah, Nevada. It's known for its distinct beauty and purity. While similar to turquoise in its structure and formation, its stunning white and black color is due to the lack of heavy metals like copper, iron and zinc, which are responsible for the characteristic blues and greens found in Turquoise. With only a single mine in existence the value continues to increase as the resources are depleted.

This unique stone is set in sterling silver, framed by a smooth bezel and surrounded by a sterling silver rope twist. Hang this pendant on a sterling silver collar, sterling chain, or piece of leather for a modern look that is exactly on-trend. The black and white colors allow you to wear this pendant with everything in your wardrobe. You will wear this contemporary beauty again and again. Chain not included.

  • Hallmarked "T" and Stamped "Sterling"
  • Measurements: 1 7/8" x 7/8"