Small Quartz Crystal Skull

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  • $59.95
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This water-clear Brazilian Quartz crystal skull was hand carved. A crystal skull is a model of a human skull generally carved out of quartz crystal and other stones regarded as metaphysically powerful. A crystal skull is a metaphor for the belief that reality is a consciousness hologram through which we "virtually" experience life.  Many of the crystal skulls are considered tools that awaken human consciousness.  They vary in size from a few inches to the size of a human head, or bigger.  Crystal skulls are most often associated with ancient Mesoamerican cultures. Crystal skulls are used for ceremonial work, healing, energy work, and enhancing one's psychic abilities. Whether you consider crystal skulls metaphysically powerful or just beautiful pieces of art, they are always interesting and not associated with death or witchcraft.

Size: 1.75" x 1.25" x 1.5"

Weight: 3.2 oz