Shungite/Steatite Harmonizer Set

Harmonizers are powerful energy tools for correcting energetic imbalances and for recharging and restoring vitality in the human body. The tradition of using paired harmonizers comes from ancient Egypt. The pharaohs are often depicted holding a cylinder in each hand while surrounded by two divinities representing energy polarities. Due to the way the harmonizers work with the body, many holistic medical practitioners find them powerful tools to use when going through treatment for illnesses such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, addictions and many others.

The Shungite harmonizer (black &polished) held in the left hand acts as a catalyst, reinforcing the high-vibrational energy of the Steatite harmonizer (grey & matte) held in the right hand. Sit quietly in a comfortable chair with uncrossed legs while breathing evenly. Meditate or focus on your breathing while gently holding and resting the rods vertically on each knee with palms facing inward. Allow the energy to flow through your body.

4" long with 1" diameter