Navajo Sandcast Lapis Lazuli Cuff Bracelet

This beautiful sandcast sterling silver cuff bracelet features an oval centerpiece of genuine lapis lazuli. Sandcast sterling silver jewelry is a unique style of jewelry. The surface patina has a soft sheen and a brushed look. The jewelry has shapes and swirls that have an “Old Spain” appearance. Sandcast jewelry is made with a generous amount of sterling silver and has a high quality feel and weight. It is a labor-intensive process that involves many steps and is truly an authentic, traditional style that is admired worldwide and highly collectible. The design is carved into a sandstone mold and filled with molten silver. When cooled it is shaped, finished by hand and oxidized. The bracelet is perfect for a small wrist. 

  • Stamped "Sterling"
  • Measurements: 5" with 1" opening
  • Fits 6" wrist