Mystic Fire Topaz and Quartz Crystal Pendant

This large Brazilian quartz crystal is capped with sterling silver and a brilliant, faceted Mystic Fire Topaz stone. It hangs from a simple sterling silver bail.  This special crystal has small phantoms running through it. Each crystal on Earth vibrates to a frequency that is recognized by our bodies to help heal us. Working with crystals is a natural way to help connect with your body and help heal your emotions.

Mystic Fire Topaz is made through a special process combining science and Mother Nature to produce breathtaking and vibrant colors. Genuine, natural, White Topaz gemstones are bonded at the molecular level with titanium, one of the world’s strongest metals. This causes the same aurora borealis effect that creates the rainbow sheen of oil on water and the iridescence of bird feathers. Some of the metaphysical properties of Topaz include: calming the mind, balancing emotions, reducing stress, and accepting change. This is a very special one-of-a-kind piece with amazing energy.