Mammoth Bone Damascus Knife

This Mammoth Bone Damascus Knife is unique.  The beautiful stone set into the face of this knife is a fossilized bone of the extinct Woolly Mammoth. The mammoth lived around 15,000 years ago in Siberia.  There is a limited supply of this fossilized tusk.

The blade is Damascus steel from Japan.  A core of VG-10 super stainless steel has  on each side, then it is pressed between two steel plates with holes and ball bearings to produce this "raindrop" rust free blade with 33 layers of steel. Samna Damascus steel Samna Damascus steel is known for its strength and edge holding ability.

This knife is extremely lightweight, making it comfortable to carry in a pocket or purse.  The clip is removable for your convenience.  Handmade in the USA, this unique knife comes with a lifetime 100% unconditional guarantee for workmanship and quality, including chipped stones. Buy it for yourself or surprise someone with an exceptional gift.