Bracciated Jasper Crystal Skull

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Jasper is an opaque, fine-grained variety of Chalcedony. Brecciated Jasper is predominately brick red and contains hematite.   The organic materials and mineral oxides produce interesting patterns, bands and colors. Many of these patterns resemble landscapes. Found worldwide, a variety of named jaspers can be found in the Western U.S. and Madagascar. 

Brecciated Jasper is is a grounding stone an is good for emotional stability and rejuvenation.  It’s beneficial in bringing you tranquility and wholeness. A powerful stone used for predictive purposes and to protect the body.

A crystal skull is a model of a human skull generally carved out of quartz crystal and other stones regarded as metaphysically powerful.  A crystal skull is a metaphor for the belief that reality is a consciousness hologram through which we "virtually" experience life.  Many of the crystal skulls are considered tools that awaken human consciousness. They vary in size from a few inches to the size of a human head, or bigger.  Crystal skulls are most often associated with ancient Mesoamerican cultures.

  • Measurements: 2 1/2" x 2"
  • Weight: 9 oz