Dry Creek White Turquoise Cluster Necklace Set

This Dry Creek White Turquoise cluster necklace features 5 clusters strung on hand made sterling silver beads.  Each cluster contains 8 natural Dry Creek Turquoise stones set in the classic radiating pattern around a large center stone.  The center cluster contains 10 stones set around the middle stone for added emphasis.   The clusters include sterling silver beads and a rope twist against oxidized silver to bring out each of the unique stones.  Included with this set are the matching earrings which each have 9 stones in the radiating pattern.  This beautiful and unique set includes a total of 65 Dry Creek Turquoise stones!

Dry Creek Turquoise, from Northern Nevada, is a very unusual pastel turquoise with light brown matrix. Dry Creek Turquoise is the ONLY genuine White Turquoise on Earth.  This set is a must for collectors of Native American jewelry.

Hallmarked "S.H." and stamped Sterling

Necklace is 20" in length with 1.75" long earrings