Bumblebee Jasper Sphere 2"

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  • $74.95
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This polished Bumblebee Jasper Sphere has excellent color and looks like a very interesting little planet. Bumble Bee "Jasper" has been known only since the late 1990s.  It is named for its alternating yellow, orange, and black layers that resemble the coloration of bees. Bumble Bee "Jasper" has been found only on the Indonesian island Java. It is not a true jasper because it does not consist primarily of microcrystalline quartz.  It is technically a sedimentary rock that contains varying amounts of sulfur, calcite, aragonite, and manganese. Metaphysically it is a stone to help you to accept change and find new opportunities.

The sphere as a shape is an ancient and universal symbol that represents unity, completeness, and infinity - the whole universe. Crystal spheres are often used to increase self-awareness and a powerful mind.  Closely connected to the spiritual nature of our complete self, crystal spheres help to bring out integrity, clear thinking, and a better union of body, mind, and spirit.  Unlike the focused energy of a wand, pyramid, or egg-shaped crystal, a Sphere emits energy in all directions equally. These make a useful tool to perceive a complete picture (of self or situations) - moving energy around and through the entire environment.

Size: 2" diameter

Weight:  4.1 oz