Aventurine Candle Holder

Bring the natural, earthy, beauty of stone accessories into your home with this Aventurine Candle Holder. Just drop a votive candle into the opening and relax in the glow of this wonderful crystal holder night after night. Try it next to a hot bath for extra enjoyment. This candle holder would make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for yourself or someone special.

Aventurine is typically a green color caused by chrome bearing fuchsite.  It is found mainly in India and also Brazil, USSR, the USA, Canada, and Norway.  Metaphysically, aventurine is a comforter and a heart healer.  It neutralizes all sources of electromagnetic pollution, blocking out harmful energy from computers, televisions, microwaves, WiFi, and other electronic equipment.  Green Aventurine settles nausea and dissolves negative emotions and thoughts. It is believed to be a lucky stone and an excellent stone for teenagers.

 Aproximately 3.5" in diameter