Amethyst Crystal Tree Of Life Bracelet

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A stretch bracelet of 6mm gorgeous Amethyst beads with a lavender mala tassel and tree of life charm. 

The concept of the Tree of Life has been used in science, religion, philosophy, and mythology.  It alludes to the interconnection of all life on our planet and serves as a metaphor for common descent in the evolutionary sense. The term tree of life may also be used as a synonym for sacred tree. 

Amethyst is a violet quartz, which has been in use for thousands of years. The healing properties of the stone trace back to ancient Greek beliefs. Metaphysically, Amethyst is believed to be a protective stone, helping to relieve stress and anxiety while aiding in cell regeneration with supporting bones and joints. 

Some major sources of Amethyst are Brazil, Uruguay, Turkey, Zambia, and the United States

 Measurements: 7"