Good Luck Crystal Kit

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Our Good Luck Crystal kit contains 9 hand-selected Lucky Stones in an organza storage bag with instructions. The metaphysical properties of each are listed below. Crystals and Gemstones are beautiful, mystical and profound energy medicine tools. They have been used for centuries throughout all cultures and religions. Crystals bring amazing benefits to those who use them. Simply holding, carrying or meditating with these stones is beneficial.

MALACHITE  A Stone of good fortune and prosperity. A protection stone, absorbing negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and body.

TOURMALINE  Fosters prosperity and success.  Protects and shields the holder from negativity.

CITRINE  Promotes success and abundance, especially in business. Attracts money.

AVENTURINE  A very positive stone that brings prosperity.  Promotes self-confidence and perseverance. Especially lucky while taking a risk.

MOONSTONE Enhances perception and allows one to make decisions. Brings confidence and composure.

ROSE QUARTZ   Brings luck in love and personal relationships.

TIGER’S EYE   Protection from competitors.

HEMATITE  Centers and grounds one to form better relationships.

CARNELIAN – Powerhouse stone for success, productivity and prosperity.