Amethyst Lazer Restoration Bundle

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Smudging is the ancient practice of burning herbs, leaves and grasses. Each type has a specific desirable quality to help remove negative energies from oneself and one's space.  Indigenous cultures all over the world ritually burn herbs or incense as a means of cleansing and protecting the physical and spiritual bodies. This kit includes a stick of White Sage, a Palo Santo stick, and an Amethyst Lazer wand.  Burn Sage & Palo Santo to purify and Cleanse your space and yourself from any negative Energies.  Use this bundle whenever or wherever you feel the need to cleanse, balance or purify.

Sage: 4 " x 1 ¼"

Palo Santo: 4" x ½"

Amethyst Lazer Wand: 3 ½" x ¾"