Synergy Stones For Uber-Healing Power

Synergy Stones
Synergy Stones are among the divine gifts of Mother Earth. Their power connects us to our Higher Self, enabling us to perceive our truest self and recognize what abilities and possibilities we authentically possess and those we want to develop. Each stone holds a specific vibration pattern for healing and when stones are combined the synergy produces effects stronger than when used separately.  The gift of the mineral kingdom is that they carry the same vibration as the celestial realm. Each stone carries a vibration for healing, love, enlightenment, etc. When we are out of balance, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, we can choose a stone with that vibration and it will help bring us back into balance, just by holding the stone. To use, you can carry them in your pockets, wear them or keep them near you on your desk or night table. They work best in a relaxed environment or in your meditation practice by simply holding them. Find a quiet, tranquil setting and place a Synergy Stone in the palm of each hand and just “be” with them. Ask the stones to balance your energy for your highest good. Using the affirmation with each set of Synergy Stones, silently, or audibly, state your intention. You know you are complete when you feel a sense of calm and well-being.

Citrine – Manifestation
Citrine is the stone of Manifestation, stimulating the second and third chakras to enhance our creativity and imagination. In times of difficulty, it helps us to persist to make things happen so we do not give up. Citrine helps clarify what we truly want and attracts wealth and stability.

Carnelian – Taking Action
Carnelian helps us take action upon our inner guidance to achieve our highest goals and desires. It is not o.k. to sit back and “intend and receive”. We must use our physical energy to create and effect change. Carnelian guides us on our path of action enabling us to take risks and avoid procrastination.

Clear Quartz
Amplifies other stone’s energies. It is used to help deepen and strengthen your experience

Synergy – Together
The Synergy of Citrine and Carnelian clarifies what we truly want so the Universe can fully support our creativity and manifestation. Together they move us from intention to manifestation so our dreams and desires are manifest in physical form. Affirmation – My actions are inspired and fully supported by Divine Wisdom manifesting my dreams and desires for the highest good.

Balance and Divine Will: Includes Tiger Eye and Malachite and a Clear Quartz Crystal

Tiger Eye – Balance – Seeing Both Sides
Tiger Eye is a stone of discernment. It helps us move beyond the world of duality; seeing that opposites (right/wrong, good/bad, dark/light) are merely two sides of the same coin. By seeing the Unity in all we can respond to situations without losing our center, remaining balanced. Tiger Eye helps us remain calm, grounded and balanced.

Malachite – Balancing Power vs. Force
Malachite teaches to balance opposites, clearing the influence of our ego so that we do not misuse our power either through dominance or by giving up our power through subservience. It teaches us how to align our will with Divine Will so that can experience the miracles of synchronicity.

Clear Quartz
Amplifies other stone’s energies. It is included to help deepen and strengthen your experience

Synergy – Together
Together Tiger Eye and Malachite increases our mental clarity to understand both sides of an issue so that we can make positive choices based on discernment not judgment. The synergy of Tiger Eye & Malachite allows us to come from a place of Power, not force helping us remain calm, centered and balanced. These Synergy Stones resonate with the vibrational essence of Archangel Jophiel.

I live beyond duality in balance with Divine Will my Source of Power.

Higher Self: Includes Amethyst, Chalcedony and a Clear Quartz Crystal in a drawstring bag with directions on how to use the stones

Amethyst – Connection to the Divine
Amethyst connects us to our Higher Self where we can tap into our intuition and assume our spiritual power. Amethyst links Divine Wisdom with the physical plane to All That Is. Amethyst’s high frequency creates a light shield against lower energies ensuring a safe haven when we are working in the etheric realms.

Chalcedony’s energy magnifies Divine communication with the invisible realms. It activates our subconscious psychic abilities for transformation. Chalcedony is calming and centering. Its pure vibration pattern awakens us to our Higher Self.

Synergy – Together
Amethyst and Chalcedony lift us to the angelic realm; the “I AM.” Together, Chalcedony and Amethyst manifest higher consciousness. Using the synergy of Amethyst and Chalcedony increases our vibration so that we may express the Divine in each moment. This synergy is excellent for psychic opening and intuitive work. These Synergy Stones resonate with the vibrational essence of Archangels Metatron and Jophiel.

All crystals produce healing vibrations.  When combined the synergistic effect surpasses the power of the individual stones.  Test your own response to these combinations and enjoy the sense of well-being Synergy Stones will bring to you.