Navajo Sterling Silver Applique Jewelry

Navajo Sterling Silver Appliqué is a difficult and time consuming technique with a long history in Navajo design. To produce an appliqué piece of jewelry the artist creates individual sterling silver decorations by hand. The individual decorations may be repoussé designs, stamped fans, buttons, flowers, swirls, leaves, beads, feathers or whatever designs the artist might create. The artist solders or “applies” each decoration in place as he builds his design. The sterling silver is then lightly oxidized and the surface is polished to bring out the detail and texture. Sometimes, just a little appliqué is added to a ring or bracelet to add interest and give the piece a Navajo look.  Other times, the entire piece of jewelry is encrusted with appliqué. The advanced skills required and the time needed to produce these incredible works of art puts them in a class of their own. Navajo Appliqué jewelry is in high demand worldwide and is considered to be traditional Navajo artistry at its best.