Faden Quartz Cluster Crystal Pendant

This Faden quartz crystal is capped with sterling silver and hangs from a simple sterling silver bale.  Faden Quartz is a descriptive term for a usually tabular group of quartz crystals with a white thread-like or string-like zone running through the interior. The term faden is a German word for "thread".  Faden Quartz is a great conductor and transmitter of energy. Working with all chakras, it allows the mind and body to calibrate energetically with the upper realms, enhancing spiritual growth and development, intuitive insight and communication.From The Crystal Bible, "This crystal unifies the self, encouraging fragmented soul parts to reintegrate ...this stone provides protection during journeying. Psychologically, if you are undergoing intense trauma, Faden Quartz gives you the strength to carry on."

2" Long including Bale